Mindfulness | Mental Health | Well-being

I am a seasoned workshop facilitator and leader delivering mindfulness, mental health and well-being workshops and courses to corporate organisations and in educational settings.
As a trained and registered Mindfulness teacher and Associate of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre I routinely run mindfulness courses in a range of contexts. Drawing on my extensive experience as a Chartered Psychologist I additionally deliver workshops and lectures to the staff, faculty and students of Oxford University, and to other groups including GP’s, Counsellors and Mental Health Practitioners, on a range of mental health and well-being issues including managing anxiety and low-mood, resilience building, and overcoming insomnia.
I am experienced and flexible and keen to hear what you’re looking for in training terms and happy to tailor workshops to fully meet the needs of your group or organisation.
Please contact me at ruthcollins@btinternet.com for a no-strings exploration of how I could help your organisation.